Study visit to Kingdom of Spain

Representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP) and its subordinated institution General Office for Labour and Social Welfare Service (GOLSWS), Labour and Social welfare service department (LSWSD) of Zavkhan aimag and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution of Uvurkhangai aimag visited the Kingdom of Spain from 19-23rd of March, 2018.

During the visit, the delegation visited National Public Employment Service office (SEPE), Madrid Region Public Employment Service Office, VET Centre and Employment Agency of Madrid region, National Foundation for Vocational Training for Job Creation, National Economic and Social Council and Madrid Complutense University, Employment Agency of Madrid Municipality to study how the overall national employment sys-tem works, implementation of active and passive labour market policies at regional and municipali-ty level, Employers and Workers representative’s role in implementing Active labour market measures for better qualifications and job creation, and Tripartite Participation advising on new regulations on employment issues etc.
Detailed report, information of the study visit will be presented to the relevant stakeholders and key result of the study visit will be reflected as one-pager.