SECiM team’s field visit to Dornod aimag
Visit to Dornod aimag was organized in the second week of August 2017. Dornod aimag has large urban population, in comparison to other aimags, as Choibalsan city was a large industrial town during socialist era. Mr. Khishigtogtokh, Head of Dornod aimag People’s Representative’s Khural, said that closure of many factories during transition period brought high unemployment and situation had not improved ever since. He also highlighted significance of supporting vegetable planting activities especially in the area of providing knowledge on preserving, pickling food, starting year-round greenhouse activities and helping with construction of vegetable storage.

Dornod Polytechnic College expressed an interest to cooperate with SECiM project in the area of conducting local labour market survey, teacher’s exchange good practice and career guidance activities as they have a teacher trained on career counselling training programme. TVET school of Dornod aimag expressed an interest to implement activities in the area of student cooperative and capacity building of teachers.

Dornod aimag’s Labour and Social Welfare Service Department (LSWSD) had a thorough review of cooperation activity proposal developed by SECiM project and agreed to implement all proposed activities except for capacity building of private labour exchange as they are focused on providing assistance to oil exploration companies, only. LSWSD also suggested to organize information provision activity for employers working in agricultural sector in the area of employment related legislations and programmes.