SECiM Project's VACANCY announcement

Job Advertisement

Project Officer for EU funded Project

Assistant to Project Team Leader/Key Expert

EU Programme “Support to Employment Creation in Mongolia (SECiM) Component 1: “Support to Employment Policy for Promoting Job Creation in Mongolia” (EuropeAid/137157/DH/SER/MN) (hereinafter - PROJECT) is an EU funded project that is implemented by the Human Dynamics and the main beneficiary is Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia.

The duration of the service contract will be until May 2020. The Project Officer will be employed full time. 

Overall Purpose

The Project Officer (hereinafter - PO) will support the PROJECT Team Leader/Key Expert1 (hereinafter - TL/KE1) and the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) in implementing the PROJECT. PO will work under the direct supervision of the TL/KE and pass all documents for approval of team leader.

Functions and duties

The Project Officer 1 (PO) will report to the TL/KE1 and work under her supervision and will support implementation of project activities and will carry out the administrative duties of the PROJECT.

 The PO’s responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to, the following tasks:

  • - Assistance in daily operational functions of the PROJECT related to coordination of implementation of PROJECT activities – Component 2 and Component 3 and Component 5 and Component 6 together with Project Officer 2 of KE2, including interpretation and translation for TL/KE1 daily work;
  • - Assistance to the TL/KE1 and experts according to TL/KE1 tasks; 
  • - Ensure secretarial activities of the PROJECT;
  • - Develop the work plans/budgets for implemented activities;
  • - Organization of meetings, workshops, trainings, study visits, etc. (preparation of invitation, lists of participants, invitations, confirmation of participation, minutes of events, copying distribution materials for events, when necessary);
  • - Editing, compilation and formatting of PROJECT documentation (reports, letters, brochures, leaflets etc.);
  • - Preparing, editing / formatting minutes of events;
  • - Following up on publications of the PROJECT in mass media (including Internet);
  • - Preparation of information to be posterd on PROJECT’s web-site and other mass media;
  • - Ensure necessary visibility in PROJECT implementation;
  • - Mailing actions, maintaining mailing lists;
  • - Printing out/copying documents, reports and information;
  • - Translation of written materials related to the PROJECT in Mongolian and English;
  • - Interpretation support to TL/KE1 during expert missions, meetings, workshops, seminars, trainings and other PROJECT events;
  • - Perform other TL/KE1 tasks necessary for project implementation.

Required competencies


  • Higher Education in Business or Public Administration, Economics, Political Sciences and Social Sciences.


  • Understanding of the operation of government institutions, knowledge of regulatory laws and regulations of labour and/or employment fields;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Mongolian is mandatory.
  • IT competencies in Word, Excel, Power Point and internet.


  • At least two years of work in state institutions related to the labour and/or employment policy issues;
  • Experience of work in international donor projects (institutions) will be an advantage;
  • Experience working in an office environment is important and experience of working multi-cultural environment will be an advantage;
  • Experience of operating common office equipment.

Candidates should send a copy of their CV (Euro pass template) with a cover letter in English, by e-mail to  marked “PROJECT OFFICER" by the 18th of February.