SECiM Project Steering Committee meeting #4

ECiM project’s 04th Steering Committee Meeting was organized on 14th of February 2018 at the premises of the MoLSP. This meeting was attend-ed by 8 members out of 9 and was chaired by Mr. Unurbayar, State Secretary of MoLSP.

Mr. Unurbayar highlighted that creating work-place in Mongolia is one of the most challenging issues for Government of Mongolian (GOM). Also, the GOM is working on adopting 3 pillar policy and one of which is focused on employ-ment issue. The MoLSP is highly expecting the SECiM projects’ contribution to this policy imple-mentation and relevant proposals also reflected in the Annual Work Plan (AWP) 2018. He remind-ed that there 3 aimags selected for the SECiM project and citizens of these three aimags often request MoLSP for concrete support for employ-ment. This concern also need to be addressed within (AWP) 2018.

Mr. Cesar Moreno, Team leader of cooperation section of European Union (EU) Delegation, in-formed that EU office was opened in November last year in Ulaanbaatar and from 1st of April 2018 the Ambassador will take over the duty. The main focus areas of EU delegation cooperation in Mongolia are employment generation, economic diversification and TVET. He also mentioned that he was in complete agreement with point made by Mr. Unurbayar on employment creation is essential in Mongolia and EU delegation will pro-vide support in this regard. PSC meeting conclud-ed with the following decision:
 Decided that SECiM 2 will ensure the coher-ence of AWP 2018 with the national pro-grams and policy department directors of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light In-dustries;
 Decided to discuss AWP 2018 draft of C1 once again with relevant directors of MoLSP and submit fully agreed AWP to EU delega-tion.
 The next PSC meeting to be held in June 2018.