Upcoming Events
Training for TVET teachers

Training of teachers from all TVET institutions on competence based training program “Job preparation” for TVET graduates.

Report launch

Launching event of Labour Market, employment and social security studies done by Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection on 31st January, 2019.

Development of Annual Work Plan 2019

Elaboration of AWP 2019 and harmoni-zation with main beneficiary – MoLSP, will be completed.

Training for private labour exchnage

3 module training for 70 representatives of private labour exchange will be orga-nized in the 1st quarter of 2019 together with GOLSWS. This activity will start with professional communication training in January 2019, followed by Career coun-selling and Job mediation trainings.

EU employment policy for PwD workshop

Workshop on dissemination of EU best experience in labour/employment policy for Persons with Disabilities will be organized in February 2019.

Steering committee meeting

SECiM Project steering committee meeting will take place on 06th of March 2019

Youth employment policy training

Trainings on “Youth employment policy to disseminate EU best experience in solving challenges of youth employment” will be con-ducted on 15-16th of October.

National forum

National forum on “Supporting Local Labour Market Information System” will be organized by Youth Employment Promotion Project, STVET 2 and SECiM projects on 23rd November 2018.

Occupation safety and health activities will take place

To implement 05th National Program on OSH manual for herders will be printed, training for soum level OSH Councils, herders and employ-ers and monitoring on implementation of OSH Law will be organized in selected aimags.

Study visit results will be presented

Results of the study visit to Kingdom of Spain, Australia, Lithuania and Latvia and Republic of Ireland will be presented on 24th November 2018.

Greenhouse training

Training for greenhouse farmers will be orga-nized jointly with Mongolian Greenhouse Farmers' Association in Ulaanbaatar and Zavkhan aimag.

Survey result presentation

Zavkhan, Dornod and Selenge aimags will final-ize Local labour market survey, present results in seminars and print out the reports.

100 employers' event in Dornod aimag

SECiM team and Dornod aimag’s Labour and Social Welfare Service Department will organize 100 employers’ event in Dornod aimag.

Local labour market survey in Dornod aimag will take place

The RILSP developed a methodology of local labour market demand survey and will pilot the elaborated methodology in Dornod aimag in upcoming months. SECiM project will support piloting pro-cess together with the Governor’s office of Dornod aimag. The survey sampling covered 420 entities: 200 enterprises and 220 herder households. As result of the local labour market survey the La-bour Market Survey report will be elabo-rated for further utilization in carrying out local labour market strategy for Dornod aimag and planning the enrol-ment in TVET institutions.

Study visit to Australia for RILSP

At the end of July or beginning of August 2018, the researchers of RILSP will par-ticipate in study visit to Australia to gain knowledge on I) long-term Labour mar-ket forecasting using Computable Gen-eral Equilibrium model, II) Productivity calculation and methodology, III) short-term labour market demand survey.

Study visit to Ireland

In September 2018 the SECiM project will organize the Study visit for delega-tion of MoLSP and its subordinated organizations to the Republic of Ireland and the visit will focus primarily on la-bour market supply- demand fore-casting, including skills anticipation, Irish Employment Strategy and employment related legislation.

Study visit to Lithuania and Latvia on labour market

Representatives MoLSP, GOLSWS and selected aimags are going to visit Lithuania and Latvia to learn profiling and other Active Labour Market Programs.

"Career counselling" training

As part of capacity building of soum level labour specialists “Job mediation” training will take place in Selenge aimag and “Career counselling training” in Zavkhan aimag in the second half of July 2018.

"Job preparation" module training

Activity related to the “Job preparation” module for TVET graduates, which was developed in February 2018, will continue in April/May 2018 by training for TVET teachers of 3 three selected aimags on how to use the developed module and followed by piloting the developed module in 3 selected aimags.

Capacity building of soum level labour officers in Selenge aimag

Capacity building activity on career counselling will be organized in Selenge aimag involving all soum level labour specialists and relevant staff of Labour and Social Welfare Service Department (LSWSD) of Selenge aimag.

Study visit to Republic of Ireland

SECiM project will send delegation of MoLSP and its subordinated organizations to the Republic of Ireland in May/June and the visit will focus primarily on labour market monitoring and forecasting. It will also demonstrate how this is used effectively across the ecosystem to shape policies, regulations, legislation and most particularly to underpin major development initiatives designed to deliver an evolving modern labour market.

Local labour market demand and supply activity in Selenge and Dornod aimags

SECiM project will provide support to Selenge aimag to finalize local labour market survey preparation work and conduct actual survey. Dornod aimag will start local labour market survey activities with training for local officials and survey team.

Local labour market demand supply training in Zavkhan aimag

Local labour market demand supply training will take place in Zavkhan aimag in April 2018. This activity will be organized by Support to Vocational Technical Education and Training - 2, SECiM and Youth Employment Promotion Project. SECiM project will be handling actual conducting of local labour market survey in Zavkhan aimag.

Sharing findings of Turin workshop on Transition from informal to formal economy
2017-11-22 10:00

Participants of the workshop on Transition from informal to formal economy, held in Turin, Italy, are planning to present findings of the workshop to SECiM, MLSP and other stakeholders on 22nd of November 2017.

Capacity building measures
2017-11-28 09:00
Capacity building measures for Labour and Social Welfare Services departments of selected aimags –Dornod, Selenge and Zavkhan. This training will focus on building capacity of local staff on new active labour market measures and will take place from 28 - 30th November 2017.
Sharing disabled people's employment good practices
2017-12-01 10:10

SECiM project together with MONEF and Disabled people's development division of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare are planning to organizing an event on sharing of good practices of employers who hired disabled people. This event will take place at the meeting room of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection on 01st of December 2017.

Field visit of expert team
2017-12-04 09:00

Expert team of SECiM project is planning a field visit to Dornod aimag from 04-06th of December to get introduced with activities of local Labour and welfare service department and collect information.