Project Information
SECiM Project Labour policy component

Support to Employment Creation in Mongolia (SECiM) Project's Labour policy component has the following components:

Component 1: Strengthening overall policy framework for job creation and enhancing quality of jobs 

Component 2: Improving labour market institutions and policies, leading to a more inclusive labour market through more and better employment opportunities, particularly for vulnerable groups 

Component 3: Strengthening quality of employment through implementation of international labour standards, social dialogue and improvement and effective application of labour market regulations 

Component 4: Improving quality of the workforce in line with effective demand in the labour market 

Component 5: Coordination with SECiM Component 2 and other projects, ministries, donors, civil society organizations and promoting public and private partnerships 

Selected sectors: Vegetable and livestock 

Selected aimags: Selenge, Dornod and Zavkhan