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SECiM Project Labour policy component

Support to Employment Creation in Mongolia (SECiM) Project's Labour policy component has the following components:

Component 1: Strengthening overall policy framework for job creation and enhancing quality of jobs 

Component 2: Improving labour market institutions and policies, leading to a more inclusive labour market through more and better employment opportunities, particularly for vulnerable groups 

Component 3: Strengthening quality of employment through implementation of international labour standards, social dialogue and improvement and effective application of labour market regulations 

Component 4: Improving quality of the workforce in line with effective demand in the labour market 

Component 5: Coordination with SECiM Component 2 and other projects, ministries, donors, civil society organizations and promoting public and private partnerships 

Selected sectors: Vegetable and livestock 

Selected aimags: Selenge, Dornod and Zavkhan

Career Expo

SECiM provided support to the General Authority for Development of People with Disabilities in organizing a career expo for the 2nd year to promote employment of persons with disabilities.

European Union good practice seminar 2017

SECIM team organized seminar on “Models and approaches to capacity development in policy analysis and implementation, including monitoring and evaluation of employment works, analytical capacity, decentralization approaches in employment policy in EU countries” for specialists and officers of MoLSP, General Office for Labour and Social Welfare Services (GOLSWS) at the national and local level. This seminar focused on the monitoring and evaluation frame policies, practices of active labour market programmes of selected European Union Member States as well as migration. Total of 8 presentations were made and participants asked questions,clarified relevant issues. A view from the Mongolian perspective was also provided in the presentation. Generally, it was evidenced from the discussion and the group work that monitoring and particularly evaluation capacity of employment policies could be strengthened at both Government and local levels. There are several European Union Member States’ good practices related to active labour market programmes that could be tested in the Mongolian context.

Job preparation training module for TVET graduates 2017

On 18 th of April 2017 meeting on “Discussion to identify the content of training module on job preparation for TVET graduates” was organized with participation of the representatives of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, General office for Labour and Social Welfare Service, TVET colleges, TVET Assessment centre, employers, Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection, GIZ project “Cooperative Vocational Training in the Mineral Resource Sector”. supplemented the collected information. Brainstorming on required competencies of graduates to represent themselves when entering labour market was conducted and 92 ideas were suggested. Collected results and core competencies for the module were systematized: 1 st team came up with 5 types of categories:

  • 1) morality, behavior and attitude
  • 2) personal management
  • 3) professional skills
  • 4) Participants were divided into groups and requirements for job places
  • 5) socializing,
conducted SWOT analysis on challenges of personal development. The second team employment of TVET graduates. Result of suggested 2 types of categories:
  • 1) each group work was presented to all preparation for job interview
  • 2) to learn psyparticipants and discussed, other groups chologic preparedness for employment.
Training for Labour Inspectors 2017

Government Agency for Specialised Inspection (GASI) with assistance from SECiM project and International Labour Organzation (ILO) organized 2 day training for Labour inspectors of all aimags and Ulaanbaatar city, to provide knowledge on ILO conventions #81 and #129 on Labour inspection, on 19-20 th May 2017. SECiM Team leader Ms. Agrita Groza highlighted in her opening speech importance of conventions 81, 129 and committed a further support to GASI in post approval implementation period. Participants to the training were provided with the knowledge on importance of ratification of these 2 conventions, specific provisions of the conventions with an implication to the work of labour inspectors. Also,practical exercise sessions were organized to test and share the knowledge of participants in the area of professional activities, including Occupation safety and health (OSH) issues.

SECiM team’s first field visit to Selenge aimag 2017

SECiM team paid first official visit to Selenge aimag from 22-24 th May 2017 together with Mr. David Pearson, Team leader of European Union (EU) funded project “Support to Mongolia’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector – 2 (STVET 2)”. The objective of the visit was to understand local employment situation, getting to know the work of local employment related institutions and define cooperation activities between Selenge aimag, SECiM and STVET 2 projects. Joint team’s visit started with a meeting with the Governor of Selenge aimag, Head of Labour and Social Welfare Service Department (LSWSD), Directors of TVET schools, soum level Labour officers and other officials. Selenge aimag officials expressed their interest in implementing project activities with tangible result and with benefits for the residents of the aimag. The team visited LSWS, TVET college at Sukhbaatar and Shaamar soums and met with soum level Labour officers and employers. SECiM team proposed to implement in Selenge aimag activities on introducing profiling system, improving Labour Market Information System (LMIS) and improving career guidance activities. Head of Selenge aimag’s LSWSD suggested to include an activity which directly benefits herders and vegetable planters. SECiM team had also agreed to replicate best practices of STVET 2 project in Sukhbaatar and Shaamar soum’s TVET colleges.

Labour Inspection Conventions ratification discussion meeting 2017

As part of cooperation of SECiM project with Government Agency for Specialised Inspection (GASI) on ratification of International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions #81 and #129 on Labor Inspection, discussion meeting was organized on 03 rd of April 2017, with participation of representatives from Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union (CMTU) and Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF). Participants of the discussion meeting were provided with presentation on feasibility analysis, financial and legal implication of ratification of the conventions #81 and #129 of ILO. MONEF as an organization representing interests of employers expressed their hope that ratification of these conventions will not lead to misuse of authority by inspectors. GASI representatives assured that the organization has shifted more into planned (informed) inspection activities. Participants of the event also discussed the reason for failure of previous attempt of ratification and agreed on the point that this time the most appropriate organization is handling the process of ratification of ILO conventions. At the conclusion of the event MoLSP, MONEF and CMTU expressed their support and commitment to the process of ratification of the conventions.

Remuneration working group meeting 2017

SECiM project is providing assistance to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP) in the process of renewal of remuneration system of health sector workers, as part of the objectives set in the Government Plan of Action 2016-2020. The process of renewal of remuneration system started with identification of bench marking jobs to be assessed. In this regard “Provision of technical and methodological assistance by on the areas of attention when conducting workplace assessment” workshop was organized for concerned specialists of MoLSP and the Ministry of Health (MOH) with technical input from International Labour Organization (ILO) consultants, on 13 th and 14 th April 2017. MoLSP officer Ms. Altantuya presented current remuneration system of health sector followed by Ms. Munkhtogtokh’s presentation on draft methodology of workplace assessment after which consultative session on work place assessment took place. ILO consultants provided consultation on methodologies and how to actually conduct workplace assessment. This workshop helped MoLSP specialists to get better picture on how to identify bench marking jobs to be assessed. Remuneration working group had subsequent meetings on 12, 16, 20 23 and 29 th of June 2017.

Field testing of “Lump sum study 1” questionnaire 2017

Expert team tested research instruments at the soum Governor’s office and individual interviews at the premises of the employer and at homes of employee. Field testing had been organized successfully and objectives were achieved. At the end of the testing activity Expert team organized debriefing meeting to discuss each question of the questionnaires for its validity, correctness and have done reformulation, reordering and reprioritization of questions.

Training on Employment promotion programs 2017

SECiM project participated in organizing Employment promotion programs’ training for staff of local Labour and welfare service department (LWSD) of all 21 aimags, from 19-20 th April 2017. This event was coorganized by General Office for Labour and Social Welfare Services (GOLSWS), SECiM and Youth employment project of SDC and enrolled 150 participants. Objective of this training was to familiarize local LWSD Directors and Officers with newly approved Employment promotion programs 2017-2018, discuss changes in the implementation regulations, issues, problems and good practices of implementing employment promotion programs and organize knowledge sharing activities. SECiM project presented experiences of EU countries in the area of implementation of Active Labour Market Measures (ALMM), profiling system of unemployed and monitoring and evaluation of ALMM.

The Third Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting 2017

SECiM PSC includes 9 members - representatives from Delegation of European Union, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, GOLSWS and participated by representatives of state institutions, social partners, representatives of relevant NGOs and other involved stakeholders. The third PSC meeting of SECiM project took place on 12 th of June 2017 and evaluated implementation progress of SECiM C1 and C2 in the reporting period and discussed planned activities in the next reporting period. During the meeting Food and Agriculture Organization SECiM Project Labour policy component (FAO) and The United Nations Infrastructure and Development Organization (UNIDO) organized a ceremony of Cooperation Agreement Exchange.The following actions points were agreed by the members of PSC:  To submit C1 Annual Work Plan (AWP) amendments to EUD and the beneficiary  Both Components to focus on implementing activities in selected aimags, especially increase employment in common aimags for support (Dornod and Selenge), to prepare cooperation proposal with selected aimags and introduce the process of the cooperation in next PSC meeting  Agreed to present the findings and results of the Impact assessment (LSS1) to the Evaluation committee and decide on further steps To organize next PSC meeting in January 2018

European Union Delegation’s visit to aimags 2017
European Union Delegation headed by Mr. Lars Gronvald, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia, visited Darkhan-Uul, Selenge and Tuv aimag from 15-18 th June 2017, to get introduced with local situation on employment creation and plan possible EU interventions through SECiM Labour Policy (C1) and Value Chain (C2) Components.
Delegation visited dairy farm, green house, herder community in Tuv aimag, animal skin, wool processing entities and Institute of Plant and Agricultural Sciences in Darkhan-Uul aimag and TVET college, bee farm, vegetable garden and meat storage in Selenge aimag. European Union Delegation (EUD) agreed that there are potentials for employment creation in visited aimags. SECiM C1 proposed to EUD to implement at aimag level activities on development of local employment plan, piloting new Active Labour Market Measures (ALMM), improving Labour Market Information System (LMIS), capacity building of Labour officers at soum level, improve career guidance activities, introduce profiling system of unemployed, introduce new social entrepreneurship models, replicate the best practices on student cooperative and local labour market survey together with STVET 2 project.
Service contract on creation of website for Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection 2017

The Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection (RILSP) needed support in the field of disseminating and promoting its activity. SECiM TAT team provided support to RILSP in creating website to ensure availability of reliable, accessible decent quality data, reports, surveys on employment, population development and social protection to policy makers, citizen and other state organizations. SECiM TAT publically announced to hire IT specialist to create website for Research Institute of Labour and Social protection and arranged the selection process to make contract with appropriate expert. The selected IT specialist is contracted and started the work and the website of The RISLP will be ready by 1 st of July. Within this website all the researches and surveys in terms of labour, employment, social protection, population development which prepared by the RILSP will be posted and available for users.

Refurbishment of training rooms 2017

SECiM project implemented refurbishment of training room for National Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development and an agreement was made on utilization of this room for the activities of the European Union funded projects. This is a collaboration between two organizations. National Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development allocated a room, conducted renovation and repair of the room. SECiM project supported with provision of necessary equipment for the room such as furniture and visual equipment. The training room has a capacity of 40 participants and equipped with modern audio visual equipment such as roof mounted projector, foldable, wall mounted screen, LED screen with HDMI input and air conditioning system. This room is an example of maximizing utilization of project funds and increasing efficiency. Funds saved by utilizing the training room will be allocated for other priority activities.

Support to elaboration of new wage system 2017

SECiM project is providing support to Labour relation policy implementation and coordination department of MoLSP in creation of unified wage system for state institutions based on the classification of occupations and to link it to the recruitment, performance appraisal and remuneration systems.There were 2 working group meetings organized on 24 January 2017 and 03 February 2017. In the meetings presentations were made on plan and timing of creation wage system for health sector, elaborated methodology how to conduct workplace assessment, introduced with methodology, responsible staff for evaluation and conducted practical exercise on how to carry out evaluation of job descriptions.

Discussion meeting among TVET college 2017

Discussion was organized among TVET colleges, Universities and student representatives in order to discuss the draft regulation on “Conducting labour market survey and providing information” as well as to receive inputs and comments. The discussion was organized on 29 th of March 2017, with participation of the representatives of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, General office for Labour and Social Welfare Service, Research Institute of Labour and Social protection, Representatives of universities and TVET colleges, Sector council, representatives of students. Officers of MoLSP, RILSP and NDA presented information on experiences of different countries and draft regulation. Participants from different organizations expressed their opinion of the draft regulation and exchanged views on gaps and challenging issues for labour market supply and demand, also provided inputs and recommendations to be included in the draft regulations. Notes were taken from the participant’s expression on the draft regulation mostly from the user perspective, on difficulties they are facing on use of information of labour market and about possible solutions in terms of coordination between the 2 main ministries.Final draft of the regulation on “Conducting labour market survey and providing information” was developed for harmonization with other ministries.

Training on Rule of Laws 2017

Training on “Rule of Law” was organized on 9 th of February 2017, with participation of various departments of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, relevant officers of General office for Labour and Social Welfare Service, officers of Capital City Department of labour and Social welfare service.The goal of this training was to strengthen the capacity of relevant officers of the MoLSP who are in charge of development of policy. Officers from the Ministry of Justice were invited to conduct the training on new legislation “Rule of Law” and provided number of power point presentations which explained how to follow each procedure for development of any law. Also questions and answers section was organized in order to provide opportunity for participants to make inquiries. SECiM team provided a manual which included new “Rule of Law” and relevant regulations.

TVET enrollment quotation calculation working group meeting 2017

Working group meeting on the draft regulation on “System to calculate quotation of the enrollment of TVET college and universities in line with the labour market supply-demand survey result” conducted on 23 rd of February 2017 with participation of the representatives of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP), Ministry of Education, culture, science and sports (MoECSS), General office for Labour and Social Welfare Service (GOLSWS), Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection (RILSP) and National Development Agency (NDA). Officer of MoLSP, RILSP and NDA presented information on experiences of different countries, and the draft regulation. Members of the working groups asked questions also provided input in the draft regulation. The SECiM team has provided Latvian experience of mid-term labour market forecasting. During the working group meeting the name of the draft regulation was changed from “System to calculate quotation of the enrollment of TVET college and universities in line with the labour market supply-demand survey result” into “Conducting labour market survey and providing information” and content of regulation targeted more into disseminating and receiving relevant information for the need of key stakeholders of the labour market.

Integrated Project Monitoring Unit meetings 2017

In the reporting period Technical Assistant Team (TAT) had regularly organized iPMU meeting with the Project Director of MoLSP Mr. Dambii every month and discussed planned activities of the project, made necessary clarifications on different questions, opinions, project’s implementation process and existing constrains and problems. There were total of 3 meetings organized in the first quarter 2017: 18th of January 2017, 16th of February 2017 and on 31st of March 2017.

Updating of Health Sector Job Classification 2017

SECiM project is providing technical assistance for renewal of Mongolian classification of occupation YAMAT-08, which was adopted in 2010. Process of renewal of classification of occupation has started with review of Health sector occupations.

Sub working group was established by joint decree of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Labour and Social Protection. First meeting of the sub working group on health sector was organized on 14 th of February 2017. This meeting was attended by 18 members of the working group. Secretary of the working group Ms. Altantuya of MoLSP presented proposal of the ministry on renewal of health sector occupations and number of occupations are increasing from 182 to 377. Participants of the working group meeting reviewed the proposed list of occupations and provided inputs for improvement. Also, SECiM assessed the existing YAMAT 08 methodology, order of updating YAMAT 08 and elaborated recommendations for further improvements and developments and shared the practices of other countries for possible application of Classification of Occupation. SECiM recommended to create specific system for the work with YAMAT-08, which defines concrete tasks of MoLSP, procedures for utilization and updating.

Labour force migration working group 2017

First working group meeting was conducted with participation of representatives from Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, General office for Labour and Social Welfare Service, General Office of Citizenship and Immigration, Immigration Agency on 08 th of February 2017 with 13 working group members. During the 1 st meeting the members reviewed the Survey on “Demand and need assessment to renew law on sending labour force abroad and receiving labour force,specialists from abroad” which was produced in accordance with the “Rule of Law”. Survey on “Demand and need assessment to renew law on sending labour force abroad and receiving labour force, specialists from abroad” was reviewed by members. In addition, representative of Mongolian Employer’s Federation (MONEF) expressed his opinion on not to reduce the percentage of the foreign labour force in Mongolia.

10th Meeting of Team Leaders 2017

On 22 nd of February 2017 SECiM team hosted 10 th Team Leader meeting of organizations working in TVET sectors. This meeting was participated by 12 stakeholders (projects, organizations and a representative of MoLSP).

SECiM team presented details of components of the project and work plan of 2017. SECiM team leader Ms. Agrita Groza prepared a presentation on the need for development of National framework on career guidance and counselling. It was agreed that CVT, SECiM1 and YEP projects will hold regular meetings on Career Counseling and Career Guidance involving MoLSP.
It was also agreed that VETP, SECiM 1, YEP and STVET 1 projects need to discuss further details of development of glossary of VET sector.
The Second Project Steering Committee Meeting 2017

The second Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting was organized on 23 rd of January 2017. PSC meeting was organized jointly by the both SECiM 1 and SECiM 2 projects. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP), other state institutions, social partners and stakeholders which are involved or planning to cooperate with SECiM project. PSC discussed implementation process and annual work plan of both projects for the year of 2017.

Upcoming Events
Training for TVET teachers

Training of teachers from all TVET institutions on competence based training program “Job preparation” for TVET graduates.

Report launch

Launching event of Labour Market, employment and social security studies done by Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection on 31st January, 2019.

Development of Annual Work Plan 2019

Elaboration of AWP 2019 and harmoni-zation with main beneficiary – MoLSP, will be completed.

Training for private labour exchnage

3 module training for 70 representatives of private labour exchange will be orga-nized in the 1st quarter of 2019 together with GOLSWS. This activity will start with professional communication training in January 2019, followed by Career coun-selling and Job mediation trainings.

EU employment policy for PwD workshop

Workshop on dissemination of EU best experience in labour/employment policy for Persons with Disabilities will be organized in February 2019.

Steering committee meeting

SECiM Project steering committee meeting will take place on 06th of March 2019

Youth employment policy training

Trainings on “Youth employment policy to disseminate EU best experience in solving challenges of youth employment” will be con-ducted on 15-16th of October.

National forum

National forum on “Supporting Local Labour Market Information System” will be organized by Youth Employment Promotion Project, STVET 2 and SECiM projects on 23rd November 2018.

Occupation safety and health activities will take place

To implement 05th National Program on OSH manual for herders will be printed, training for soum level OSH Councils, herders and employ-ers and monitoring on implementation of OSH Law will be organized in selected aimags.

Study visit results will be presented

Results of the study visit to Kingdom of Spain, Australia, Lithuania and Latvia and Republic of Ireland will be presented on 24th November 2018.

Greenhouse training

Training for greenhouse farmers will be orga-nized jointly with Mongolian Greenhouse Farmers' Association in Ulaanbaatar and Zavkhan aimag.

Survey result presentation

Zavkhan, Dornod and Selenge aimags will final-ize Local labour market survey, present results in seminars and print out the reports.

100 employers' event in Dornod aimag

SECiM team and Dornod aimag’s Labour and Social Welfare Service Department will organize 100 employers’ event in Dornod aimag.

Local labour market survey in Dornod aimag will take place

The RILSP developed a methodology of local labour market demand survey and will pilot the elaborated methodology in Dornod aimag in upcoming months. SECiM project will support piloting pro-cess together with the Governor’s office of Dornod aimag. The survey sampling covered 420 entities: 200 enterprises and 220 herder households. As result of the local labour market survey the La-bour Market Survey report will be elabo-rated for further utilization in carrying out local labour market strategy for Dornod aimag and planning the enrol-ment in TVET institutions.

Study visit to Australia for RILSP

At the end of July or beginning of August 2018, the researchers of RILSP will par-ticipate in study visit to Australia to gain knowledge on I) long-term Labour mar-ket forecasting using Computable Gen-eral Equilibrium model, II) Productivity calculation and methodology, III) short-term labour market demand survey.

Study visit to Ireland

In September 2018 the SECiM project will organize the Study visit for delega-tion of MoLSP and its subordinated organizations to the Republic of Ireland and the visit will focus primarily on la-bour market supply- demand fore-casting, including skills anticipation, Irish Employment Strategy and employment related legislation.

Study visit to Lithuania and Latvia on labour market

Representatives MoLSP, GOLSWS and selected aimags are going to visit Lithuania and Latvia to learn profiling and other Active Labour Market Programs.

"Career counselling" training

As part of capacity building of soum level labour specialists “Job mediation” training will take place in Selenge aimag and “Career counselling training” in Zavkhan aimag in the second half of July 2018.

"Job preparation" module training

Activity related to the “Job preparation” module for TVET graduates, which was developed in February 2018, will continue in April/May 2018 by training for TVET teachers of 3 three selected aimags on how to use the developed module and followed by piloting the developed module in 3 selected aimags.

Capacity building of soum level labour officers in Selenge aimag

Capacity building activity on career counselling will be organized in Selenge aimag involving all soum level labour specialists and relevant staff of Labour and Social Welfare Service Department (LSWSD) of Selenge aimag.

Study visit to Republic of Ireland

SECiM project will send delegation of MoLSP and its subordinated organizations to the Republic of Ireland in May/June and the visit will focus primarily on labour market monitoring and forecasting. It will also demonstrate how this is used effectively across the ecosystem to shape policies, regulations, legislation and most particularly to underpin major development initiatives designed to deliver an evolving modern labour market.

Local labour market demand and supply activity in Selenge and Dornod aimags

SECiM project will provide support to Selenge aimag to finalize local labour market survey preparation work and conduct actual survey. Dornod aimag will start local labour market survey activities with training for local officials and survey team.

Local labour market demand supply training in Zavkhan aimag

Local labour market demand supply training will take place in Zavkhan aimag in April 2018. This activity will be organized by Support to Vocational Technical Education and Training - 2, SECiM and Youth Employment Promotion Project. SECiM project will be handling actual conducting of local labour market survey in Zavkhan aimag.

Sharing findings of Turin workshop on Transition from informal to formal economy
2017-11-22 10:00

Participants of the workshop on Transition from informal to formal economy, held in Turin, Italy, are planning to present findings of the workshop to SECiM, MLSP and other stakeholders on 22nd of November 2017.

Capacity building measures
2017-11-28 09:00
Capacity building measures for Labour and Social Welfare Services departments of selected aimags –Dornod, Selenge and Zavkhan. This training will focus on building capacity of local staff on new active labour market measures and will take place from 28 - 30th November 2017.
Sharing disabled people's employment good practices
2017-12-01 10:10

SECiM project together with MONEF and Disabled people's development division of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare are planning to organizing an event on sharing of good practices of employers who hired disabled people. This event will take place at the meeting room of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection on 01st of December 2017.

Field visit of expert team
2017-12-04 09:00

Expert team of SECiM project is planning a field visit to Dornod aimag from 04-06th of December to get introduced with activities of local Labour and welfare service department and collect information.

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Manual for employers on employment of persons with disabilities

Please download "Manual for employers on employment of persons with disabilities" from this link.

Result of “Impact assessment of National Employment policy and Regulation in selected non-mining sectors”

Result of “Impact assessment of National Employment policy and Regulation in selected non-mining sectors” (Lump sum study 1 or LSS1) is finalized.

Please download and read details of the survey using this link.