Mongolian delegation attends international training in Turin, Italy
As part of Component 3 of SECiM project, it is planned to “advise and support the progressive transition from the informal to more formalized forms of employment with improved labour rights and access to legal and social protection”. Within the framework of this activity SECiM project provided full financial support to Mongolian delegation, consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Confederation of Mongolian of Trade Union and Mongolian Employers’ Federation, for participation in the training course “Designing an integrated policy framework for the transition to formal economy” which was held at the International Training Center of International Labor Organization (ITCILO), Turin, Italy, between 11 and 15 September 2017.

The objectives of the second edition of the “Global knowledge-sharing forum on the transition to formal economy” were: to strengthen the knowledge base on the nature, effectiveness and sequencing of policy packages for transition to formality, and to inform to constituents in the target countries about the policy measures that facilitate the transition to formalization in other countries in their region or other parts of the world to formalize the informal economy. Informal economy absorbs more than half of the global labour force. Therefore, the transition from informal to formal employment and economy represents a fundamental step towards decent work, development and social justice.

SECiM project together with participants of the training course will conduct knowledge dissemination workshop involving concerned stakeholders and conduct planning of activities for 2018.