Methodology for analyzing wage and productivity

The Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection (RILSP) requested SECiM project for consultative support on developing the methodology to analyze primary data on wage structure and productivity. One day training for researchers of RILSP and independent research organizations, social partners, the Chambers of Commerce and a university and 4 days of workshop for RILSP researchers was organized during 12th-16th of March.

The SNKE provided methodological knowledge on EU best practice to analyse primary data of wage and productivity also specific knowledge on such as estimation of employment cost index, quantitative data analysis, estimation of real wage index, estimate expenditure index of entities and enterprises, wages etc. Theoretical part was followed by practical part of WS analyzing practical tasks and developing methodology.

Overall 22 relevant specialists participated in 1-day training and 15 researchers of RILSP in 4 days of workshop. During the workshop, the research-ers gained advanced level theoretical knowledge on methodology to analyse wage and general knowledge on productivity. The researchers re-quested from the SNKE to provide more practical examples to back up with the theoretical knowledge and understand the methodology better. Consequently, the RILSP requested SECiM project to provide further support on involving Non Key Expert for conducting econometrics anal-ysis on the data of last 3 years’ survey by using improved methodology.