Local labour market demand and supply training in Selenge aimag

Support to Employment Creation in Mongolia (SECiM) project organized “Labour market: Local level cooperation” training, as part of work on disseminating best practices of technical vocation education, training (TVET) sector, for Local em-ployment council (LEC), TVET council (TVETC) members and other stakeholders from 23-24th of January 2018 in Selenge aimag.

Also “Local labour market demand and supply survey” training was organized for representa-tives of Selenge aimag Governor’s office, members of LEC, Labour and welfare service depart-ment (LWSD) managers and specialists, soum level labour specialist, employer, TVET institution, Trade union and Statistics department staff of the aimag involving 30 participants from 25-26th Janu-ary 2018. Participants of the training gained com-mon understanding on making analysis on current situation of aimag’s labour force by conducting local labour market (LLM) demand survey and coordination with socio economic development policy, forecasting and defining labour force de-mand, enhancing employment policy and its im-plementation and TVET issues.

As a result of 4 day training/seminar total of 62 participants gained theoretical knowledge on conducting local labour market demand and sup-ply survey, established coordination team for conducting the survey involving members of 2 local councils and created survey team appointed by Selenge aimag’s Governor’s office. Also LEC and TVETC signed Memorandum of agreement on conducting sustainable local labour market de-mand and supply survey at local level which paved the way for cooperation of 2 councils in conducting the survey. Members of survey team gained theoretical knowledge on conducting quantitative and qualitative survey methodology and gained experience on development of survey questionnaire and template.