Finalizing results of Impact Assessment

One of the main activities foreseen under SECiM project was to carry out “Impact assessment of National Employment policy and Regulation in selected non-mining sectors” (Lump sum study 1 or LSS1). The research team completed its work and organized the meeting on “Verification of key findings of LSS1”. The main purpose of the meeting was to verify findings with the key stakeholders of labour market including Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP), General office of Labour and Social Welfare Services (GOLSWS), Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection (RILSP) and social partners.

Relevant recommendations and comments provided by the participants were incorporated in the final report of LSS1. Further, the research team presented the key findings of the study to the labour market stakeholders including representatives of MoLSP, GOLSWS, social partners and international organizations. The presentation meeting was held on 20th of September 2017, in the premises of MoLSP. During the meeting, Team leader of LSS1 Ms. Munkhtseren and Senior Methodology and data analysis expert of LSS1 Mr. Cvejic Slobodan introduced the overall objective, methodology and key findings of LSS1. The participants clarified certain issues related to the findings such as analysis on legislative framework, impact of employment promotion programs, possible recommendations for increasing financing of employment promotion fund etc.

The research team was asked to consider incorporating the comments and suggestions provided by the stakeholders in the report and submit the final report to the MoLSP and European Union Delegation.