Education sector remuneration update

Plan of Action of Government of Mongolia 2016-2020 includes provision on improving remunera-tion and appraisal of education and health sector employees. SECiM project provided support to updating of health sector remuneration in 2017.

This year the focus will be education sector and the first meeting of remuneration working group was organized on 15th of March 2018, chaired by Mr. Erdenechimeg, Head of Secondary Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MoECSS).
Mr. Erdenechimeg highlighted the importance of this exercise and role of members of this working group. He pledged full support for this activity from the MoECSS and informed that education sector remuneration was not update for last 11 years. The MoECSS is planning to finish this pro-cess by July 2018, to reflect salary changes in the budget of 2019 and introduce new remuneration from the academic year of 2019-2020. Education sector has advantages for conducting this exer-cise as they have scientific organizations which can be mobilized for data processing and elabora-tion of reports. Mr. Erdenechimeg also suggested that the methodology of this exercise should be based on science, transparent and highlighted the need for tapping participatory approach.
Specialist of MoLSP Ms. Altantuya said that edu-cation sector has an advantage as health sector exercise was conducted and their experiences can be utilized. She mentioned that 75 jobs were assessed for health sector and for education sec-tor this number could be less considering the specificity of education sector.