Development of “Job preparation” training module

Upon a request of MoLSP, Juniot Non Key Expert (JNKE) was involved to develop a training module which helps TVET graduates to be better pre-pared for encountering employers to enter the labour market. The work is completed in 3 steps. Firstly, workshop on 5th of February on DACUM with involvement of social partnership special-ists, representatives of GOLSWS, National Reha-bilitation Center, Regional Methodological Center of Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian Korean Polytech-nic college, also employer’s representative of Selenge, Zavkhan and Dornod aimag. It aimed at developing DACUM (Development and Curricu-lum) chart, competencies for the “Job prepara-tion module” for TVET graduates based on the responsibilities and content. Secondly, 2 days of workshop was organized on 6-7th of February with objective to develop “job preparation” mod-ule using Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development (SCID) by involving teachers who teaches life skill training program. Thirdly, the JNKE developed training module, training pro-gram and training manual for TVET teachers based on the results of 2 workshops.

Result of activities:
  • 14 participants were involved in the 1st work-shop and produced the main tasks and key competencies that should be included in the “Job preparation module”.
  • 11 teachers were involved in the 2nd work-shop and developed the initial draft of the training module based on the DACUM chart.
  • The selected JNKE developed 18 hours train-ing module, training program and training manual for TVET teachers, which was accept-ed by MoLSP for piloting.