Cooperation with National Statistics Office

SECiM team had a meeting with National Statistics Office (NSO) on 08th of February 2018 to dis-cuss cooperation activities. Ms. Agrita Groza informed that from 2017 plan one activity on seasonal adjustment methodology of labour force survey is pending as this activity was postponed by the request of NSO.

SECiM project’s Annual Work Plan (AWP) 2018 has 4 main directions: Policy related activities, Labour relation and employment activities, Local level activities and Capacity building activities. Under the 1st direction it is planned to implement activities related to transition from informal economy to formal economy and two officers of NSO will be sent to Turin for participation in a training on statistics and monitoring of informal economy. Under the 2nd direction it is planned to implement activities related to National Standard Classification of Occupation (YAMAT) and NSO will be involved in activities of YAMAT working group as requested. Under the 4th direction there are 3 activities related to NSO: regional training on methodology of labour force survey in select-ed 3 aimags, seasonal adjustment methodology and sending NSO participants to International statistics conference.

Mr. Amarbal, Head of Population and social statistics department of NSO, said that he fully supports planned cooperation activities. NSO uses YAMAT classification for National census and therefore interested in participating in YAMAT working group activities. He suggested to receive seasonal adjustment expert in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Regarding regional training NSO is ready to participate he suggested that regional trainings likely to be organized in the last quarter of 2018 with 4-5 participants from each aimag including researchers and aimag level policy makers.
Ms. Gantuya, researcher of NSO, also expressed an interest in participating in activities of labour dispute working group activities, as NSO prepares and submits related data to MoLSP, and cooper-ate in dissemination of labour market demand and supply related activities.