Commencement of video lessons development activity
SECiM project together with Mongolian National Federation of Disabled Peoples’ Organization (MNFDPO) had initiated an activity to develop video lessons for disabled people, in easy language and with sign language translation, to help them integrate into labour market. It is proposed that there will be 15 video lessons on important labour/employment related topics and each lesson duration will be around 5 minutes.

A working group, consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP), SECiM project, MNFDPO, Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union (CMTU), Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF), Mongolian Fe-male Lawyers’ Association and Munkh Tenger video studio, was established to develop content of video lessons. This working group had two meetings in September 2017 and agreed on 15 topics of the video lessons: disabled person’s right to employment; how to find a job; understanding of labour contract; termination of labour contract; job mediation services; adjusted work place; getting adapted to new work place; salary; social insurance; annual leave; labour dispute; taxation; work-place support; self-employment and assisted workplace.

Planned completion date of video lessons is end of November 2017 and the aim is to organize launch of the video lessons on the occasion of Internation-al day of persons with disabilities on 3rd of December 2017. Developed lessons will be distributed to organizations’ working with persons with disabili-ties, posted on social media channels and also planned to broadcast through mainstream television channels.