Acceptance of Lump Sum 1 by European Union Delegation

The overall objective of the Lump Sum Study 1 “Impact assessment of national employment policy and regulation in selected non-mining sectors” (Lump Sum 1 Activity - LS1) was to support relevant stakeholders at national, regional and aimag level to assess the impact of existing national policies and regulations related to employment creation in non-mining economic sectors in selected regions in Mongolia. The specific objective of LS1 was to carry out comprehensive analysis to identify, map and review the legislative, financial and institutional arrangements, required for the effective implementation of national employment policy in selected industrial sectors in rural regions of Mongolia.

As a result of the activity key findings and conclu-sions on employment and labour policy and its implementation were elaborated. Final report of LSS1 includes the following recommendations:
1. Labour market regulations (legislation and regulatory regime related to employment) - 12 main recommendations and 15 specific recommendations on Law on Employment Promotion.
2. Labour market interventions and labour market institutions – 54 recommendations,
3. Employment Promotion Sector Financing - 11 recommendations.
4. Undeclared work and informal economy - 10 recommendations.
5. Occupational safety and health - 15 recom-mendations.
6. Value chains - 4 recommendations.
The Final version of LS1 report, was submitted to the MoLSP on 29th September 2017 by the LS1 Team leader. On 08th November 2017 SECiM team received additional reflections from the MoLSP on LS1 Final report, which asked for fur-ther developments and specification of conclusion and recommendation part of LS1. The revised Final report of LS1 with more specified recommendations was harmonized with and approved by the MoLSP on 19th December 2017 and was submitted to EUD for final approval. The Final report of LSS was approved by the EUD on 27th March 2018.
On 20th March 2018 the SECiM project proposed to the Policy Planning Department of MoLSP to organize a meeting or several meetings on seven specific issues of LS1 in order to discuss the implementation of elaborated recommendations for strengthening the effectiveness of national employment policy in Mongolia.